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1. (in land law) An application to HM Land Registry, the Land Charges Department, or a local authority for a certificate of *official search to reveal whether or not land is affected by encumbrances.
2. (in *conveyancing) A request by an intending purchaser or mortgagee arising from the *abstract of title supplied by the owner. For example if an abstracted deed shows that the land is affected by encumbrances contained in an earlier deed that has not been abstracted, the purchaser will raise a requisition demanding proper evidence of the encumbrances.
3. (in military law) The compulsory acquisition of property for use by the armed forces. The Army Act 1955 and the Air Force Act 1955, for example, contain provisions that, if brought into force by a government order made in the public interest, enable commanding officers to issue requisitioning orders authorizing the acquisition (in return for payment and compensation for damage) of vehicles, horses’ food, and stores.

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