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Payment by a tenant to his landlord under the terms of a *lease or *tenancy agreement. The obligation to pay rent is implied in all leases. If the tenant fails to pay his rent, the landlord can levy *distress for rent, take action for *forfeiture of the lease, or bring a court action against the tenant to claim the rent due. The manner and time of payment is as specified in the lease or tenancy agreement. If there is no express provision, rent should be paid to the landlord or his agent at the end of each *rental period or, in the case of a *fixed term, at the end of each year. The tenant can only deduct from the rent amounts that the lease or tenancy agreement allows. If the parties wish, the rent need not be paid in money: it may be in the form of service to the landlord or payment in kind. However, the amount of rent must be certain or capable of being ascertained. See also *fair rent.

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